Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Mandantory Survey for Catahoula School  System Employees. 

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Congratulations to the November Teachers of the Month:

CHS--Kim Coleman; HHS--Tonya Smith;

JJH--Phyllis Stevenson; SIH--Linda Neal;

BHS--Felicia Samuel; Mary Anne Pritchard--JES

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Magical and Mesmerizing Experience Awaits at Catahoula Parish School Board Office

Do you have the Christmas spirit yet? Have you had it but maybe just need a little recharging of the old Christmas spirit? Maybe you know the Grinch personally and need to host an intervention?  No matter the reason, the Christmas spirit is alive and well and on full display again this year at the Catahoula Parish School Board (CPSB) office which is fully adorned for the holiday season; with just a touch of magic. Dr. Gwile Paul Freeman, Superintendent, is excited about the unique Christmas light display that she is hosting for the community again this season.  The lights are sequenced to Christmas songs that can be heard by tuning your FM radio to 106.7 while viewing the light show.  The music and lights are synchronized and create a mesmerizing experience. The system uses 64 separate light sequences controlled by a computer that is located inside the building.  The computer also broadcasts the music to the FM station 106.7 using a low-power FM transmitter.  Therefore, it does not upset the neighbors.  “We would like to thank the office staff of Catahoula Parish School Board who helped to assemble the display,” Dr. Freeman said of the time-consuming work. “This is our Christmas gift to the community, and we hope that everyone will have a chance to experience it.”  The show begins at 5:15 P.M. and runs until 11:00 P.M. daily at the School Board office located at 200 Bushley Street in Harrisonburg with the premier showing on Thanksgiving evening and commencing on New Year’s Day.  Dr. Freeman invites everyone to visit the CPSB Office during these hours to view this festive display of lights and music.  “Hopefully, this exhibition will encourage a mood of peace and thanksgiving as we enter the holiday season,” Dr. Freeman said.