Monday, March 2, 2015

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There are many virus, phishing, and malware programs circulating on the Internet, mainly through email.  If you open one of these emails or click on a link, your computer will be infected.  If your computer is infected, it can spread to other computers in the system.  These are very serious!  A virus or malware can cause your computer or the entire system to crash or lose data.  A phishing scam can get your personal information and use it to steal your identity.  Most of these are trying to get your personal information. Try to follow these rules to stay safe.


  1. NEVER open an email if it is labeled “SPAM” in the subject area
  2. NEVER open attachments unless you know for sure what they are and you are expecting them! Call the sender to confirm if you are not sure.
  3. NEVER trust the email because you think you recognize the sender’s address.  The scammers can spoof the address!  Always look closely before opening an email.  If it doesn’t seem right, don’t open it!  Cal l the person and ask if they sent it.
  4. NEVER click on links in emails.  Open a browser and go directly to the website.
  5. NEVER login to any of your online accounts through an email that you receive.  Open a browser and go directly to the website. (Emails can look just like the online site to fool you.)
  6. If you get a court notice, or an email that you have purchased airline tickets, you owe the IRS, you made a purchase from an online company such as Amazon, someone has run a background check on you, request for open enrollment in Medicare, USPS delivery failure, special offers, free coupons or gift cards for popular stores, Free anything, don’t open it!
  7. The IRS or court systems never send emails requesting information or notifications to appear.  These will always come by regular mail.


Nothing is free.  If you give any personal information, they are using it or selling it.


Congratulations to the January Teachers of the Month:

HHS-- Kay Terry

JJH--Sharon Stevenson

SIH--Lottie Jones

The Catahoula Parish School Board Members were sworn in by Janet Payne, Catahoula Parish Clerk of Court, on Tuesday, January 6, 2015.  Members are pictured as follows from left to right:  (Standing) John W. Allbritton, Cynthia Brown, Jane Martin, Dewey W. Stockman (President), Katie Adams, Mike Davis, (Seated) Dorothy Watson, Josephine Jones (Vice-President), Letishia Hatcher, and Dr. Gwile Paul Freeman, Superintendent.