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Nexus Webmail System for School Clients

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Welcome to the Catahoula Parish School District web-based e-mail access page

Access Your E-Mail Account Here


Use your entire address when you login:

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  NOTE: e-mail delete setting
When deleting e-mail, you will need to first delete it and then click on Empty Trash or Purge deleted emails to permanently delete your e-mail messages.  Please empty your trash to prevent your mail box from filling up.

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Search Catahoula E-mail Addresses (administrative password required to view)
faculty, staff & students using a school account

To access the account you will need to be using a Internet Explorer browser and have a school district issued e-mail account.

Account Information
Please note that when opening HTML based e-mail, the system will warn you that the message contains insecure items. This is because the e-mail tries to load parts from outside our server. If you click yes the connection will become insecure, if you click no the only thing that your message will not contain is image files, but the connection will stay secure.

E-mail Safety We are constantly exposed to a barrage of viruses, trojan horses, worms and other malicious code. The majority of this code arrives via electronic mail, as attachments. The authors of these programs rely on you to infect your own computer. The following rules for safe email practices will help you to thwart these attacks.

* If you receive email with an attachment from someone you do not know, delete the email without opening it. If it is from someone you do know but you were not expecting an attachment, check with the person to confirm that they sent you the attachment on purpose. NEVER EVER open an attachment unless you know exactly what it is, who sent it, and have verified that they sent actually it!

* If you receive an attachment, have verified that the sender is legitimate, do not automatically open it. Save the attachment to your hard drive and run an anti-virus scan of the file before you open it.

* Before you send a message with the attachment, ALWAYS send the recipient a message telling them you are about to send them an attachment. Describe what the attachment is and why you are sending it. Remember, viruses can do this too, so try and include something unique in this message so the recipient will know its from you and not some automated virus.

* Specifically scan any file you are going to include as an attachment in an email before you send it to someone else.

* Avoid sending messages with attachments that contain executable code (codes that run things), like Word documents with macros. You can use Rich Text Format, or RTF, instead of the standard .DOC format. RTF will keep your formatting, but won't include any macros. There is, however, a couple of viruses out there that will fool Word when you save as RTF, so while you cannot completely trust .RTF files it is still good practice. This may avoid the embarrassment of you sending them a virus if you are already infected.

Finally, if you have received an attachment and are not quite sure what to do with it or if you have additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Catahoula Parish School District Help Desk at
Thank you for your attention!


Reset Accounts



Create a signature Open "Options" Click on "Personal Information" Click on " Edit your identities" Choose "default identity" Do not change the "Identity's name:" leave it as "Default Identity" Enter your full name Enter your from address ( Enter your signature Scroll to the bottom and click "Change"

Message Compose Window
If you have problem seeing the attachment box, please maximize your window and scroll to the bottom of the page to add an attachment. 

If you cannot compose or forward a message; Turn off pop-up blockers

Logging into your account
Login with your entire e-mail address.
example:   Keeping Your Inbox Clean Delete any unwanted mail from the inbox first. Then do the following:
1. Log into your account and go to the options tab.
  2. Then go to "Maintenance Operations"   3.  Place a checkmark in the following boxes:  A. Perform maintenance operations on login  B. Delete old sent-mail folders at beginning of month C. Purge old message in the Trash Folder   4. Set to purge trash monthly   5. Purge messages in trash folder older than 30 days.   6. Save Options (very Important)   7. Run the maintenance at login if requested.

Other options are available under the options tab for customization of your account.

Attachment Size
Attachment file size is limited to 8MB, anything greater than that will cause an error.

Having Problems?
If you are having a problem with your email account,  please Jabber, email, or report the problem to your supervisor.  If necessary call 318-744-5727.